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Mobility's team of credit experts will lead you down the path of  borrowing success.


Current and Potential Borrowers

Learn how to finance accessibility equipment, home modifications, and accessible vehicles while maintaining affordable monthly payments. 



Andi Mayer, Program Manager


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 Loan Support 

Our goal is finance access to life and all that it offers.

Accessibility equipment is the means many people with mobility limiting disabilities accomplish their daily lives. We understand the cost to purchase these critical products may seem out of reach. That's why we offer flexible terms to meet the needs of our clientele. 

Meet with a Disability Finance Expert

  • Learn how to prepare you loan application for approval
  • Understand what the terms of the loan mean
  • Complete a Needs Analysis on fiscal, physical and accessibility needs
  • Discover what you can afford in a monthly payment
  • Understand your credit decision

Connect with a Counsellor

 Loan Support 

Ensuring a positive borrowing experience

If you need assistance with a current loan product please do not hesitate to set up a counselling session. Communication is key in understanding your options to ensure financial health throughout your borrowing journey.

Meet with a Disability Finance Expert

  • Borrowing best practices
  • How to manage your loan
  • Avoid missing a payment
  • What to do if you fall behind

Connect with a Counsellor


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